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Home & Hospital Visits

Home and hospital visits can be arranged on request

Home visits can be arranged, bringing our professional knowledge and friendly service to you. 

Being at home can sometimes take the stress out of a meeting particularly if you have never written a Will before.

It can also make it easier to discuss your personal circumstances and information such as names and addresses will be close to hand.

Hospital visits can be arranged as easily as home visits, however, do ensure the hospital staff are aware that we will be attending.

Sometimes it is beneficial to ask if a side room is available to discuss your private business.

It is worth noting that some hospital staff are not allowed to act as a witness to your Will depending on the hospital’s policy. In these circumstances a family friend could be asked to witness the signing of Will along with our advisor noting that neither a witness nor their spouse can be named as beneficiaries in the Will.

Office appointments are always available in either Weymouth or Dorchester or alternatively meetings can be held by video conferencing.